Our Story

Green Enterprise Movement (GEM) Inc. was established in 2008 to help organizations elevate performance through a focus on Sustainability.  Our services are designed to deliver the greatest value for the clients we serve. Understanding that different organizations have different needs, we offer a variety of Sustainability related solutions focused on improving and accelerating the success of our clients.

Our carefully assembled team and strategic partners are some of the best in the field and combined, have decades of experience in the Sustainability arena. Recognizing that we cannot be everything to everyone, we have also built an extensive network of additional service providers, each with specific areas of expertise, making us a go-to solution provider for Sustainability.

Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we cater to an international market. Our clients include a wide range of small to large organizations from various sectors including manufacturing, retail, primary and secondary agriculture, health care, education, government and beyond.

Our capabilities attract clients. Our results build partnerships.

Field and sun.


Our Promise


“We will continuously pursue our long term vision by fulfilling our mission through a focus on our platforms while behaving according to our core values along the way.”

– Brett Wills ( GEM President )

Our Vision

To be the preferred partner for organizations looking to improve their sustainability performance.