Strategic Planning

 A business without a strategy is like a ship without a rudder. 


GEM provides organizations with the coaching and support needed to build and execute a strategy that will steer and propel them along their journey towards sustainability.

While we have a proven, dynamic approach  to strategic planning and our belief is that organizations will realize the greatest long term benefits by developing a “strategy that is Sustainable” vs a “Sustainability Strategy”, we are flexible in our approach.


GEM can provide a number of services in the area of strategic planning:

  • Development/Enhancement of Holistic Strategy that is Sustainable

  • Development/Enhancement of a Specific Sustainability Strategy

  • Development/Enhancement of Sustainability “Platforms”

  • Development/Enhancement of KPI’s and Supporting Metrics

  • Integration of Sustainability into existing Strategy

  • Sustainability Gap Assessment of Existing Strategy

  • Development/Enhancement of a Visual Sustainability “Model” or “Wheel”

  • Development/Enhancement of a Sustainability/Strategy “Roadmap”

  • Strategy Execution Coaching & Support

  • Customized Approaches to Strategy Development/Enhancement

  • Strategy/Planning Development for Specific Initiatives including:

– Zero Waste to Landfill
– Greenhouse Gas Inventory
– Lean and Green
– Energy Performance
– Water Performance
– Sustainable Procurement
– Employee Engagement
– Philanthropy