Core Values


We are open and honest with all stakeholders. This includes situations where it may not be beneficial to GEM, but is for the stakeholder.


We approach all initiatives with enthusiasm, excitement, dedication, drive and determination in order to realize the greatest value for our stakeholders.


We treat all stakeholders in a fair, just and equitable manner.


Working together

Engage, Motivate and Enable organizations to improve and accelerate their sustainability performance.


GEM focuses on the following platforms to fulfill our mission in pursuit of our longer term vision


Beyond a safe and healthy workplace, provide an environment that enriches and nourishes the personal and professional lives of our people.


Develop long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our partners including: Suppliers, Customers and other Key Stakeholders such as Government, NGO’s, Banks, Industry Associations etc.


Positively impact all communities that we directly or indirectly touch.


Have a positive impact on the environment from all activities across our entire value chain.


Strive to ensure that all of our direct & indirect activities throughout the value chain will contribute towards sustained demand and supply of our services and products. This will be done through a focus on the following areas: Innovation, Value Generation, Agility, Brand & Ethics.