Benefits of CSR Reporting

Let’s face it, becoming a Sustainable Organization is a challenge. There are many factors in the equation, from the obvious things like energy and material consumption to the less obvious community support and supply chain engagement. Even though it can be a challenge, Sustainability is not going away. Organizations need to start somewhere if they are going to compete and win in the new economy.

CSR, aka Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting is a great place for companies to start their journey towards Sustainability and with this, brings a number of benefits. To start, more and more organizations are demanding suppliers report progress towards Sustainability and develop a plan for moving forward. Meeting these expectations will help organizations retain current customers while attracting new ones. CSR reporting is also a great way to get buy in and support from Sr. Mgmt as they are forced to make public facing statements and commitments towards sustainability. In the process of developing a CSR report organizations will also take stock of their current progress, have a means for showcasing these efforts to stakeholders while developing a structure and plan for moving forward.

For organizations that have yet to develop a CSR report it can seem like a daunting task but like anything,  it’s important to start small and build from there.
Here are some tips for getting started:


Assess key impacts, risks and opportunities:
This can be done by asking a few simple questions. What are the key impacts the organization has on the environment, its community and its people? What risks and opportunities does this present? When looking at key sustainability trends such as climate change, resource depletion etc., what impacts, risks and opportunities will this present?

Develop a Sustainability Vision:
What is the […]

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Sustainability 101 in Milton, Ontario | April 8th 2014 – 8:30 am

Sustainability 101
A Better Way to Make a Bigger Profit
Increase Revenue ● Cut Costs ● Gain Global Competitiveness

Workshop Objectives
Understand the end game of Sustainability – meeting the needs of today’s generation without
compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
Become familiar with the common terms, lingo and language of Sustainability
Understand the business case for sustainability and how organizations are strengthening their
long term viability by doing the right thing.
Discuss their ability to participate in driving sustainable change both at home and in the
Become familiar with the history of the modern day sustainability movement.
Be able to discuss the leading thinkers and influencers driving this revolution.
Be introduced to the core concepts, tools and techniques being utilized to drive sustainable
Become familiar with various resources available to help guide the journey towards
This Workshop provides you with some great tools to help gain a better understanding of Sustainability
which can help in getting your organization moving forward to the next step. We welcome your inquiries.
We can be reached at 519 893 6260 or by email at for more information and to put you in
touch with the facilitators directly.
Facebook Event:

Twitter Hashtag: #sustainability101

Brett’s Twitter Handel: @greenintentions
While organizations have attended to Social, Environmental and Economic performance for
decades, it is traditionally economic performance that receives attention. Sustainability is a
revolutionary business model in that it elevates social and environmental performance to the
same level of economic performance, unlocking a vault of hidden opportunities. In other words,
instead of simply focusing on a single bottom line of economic performance, with token social
and environmental initiatives, the sustainable business model focuses on the triple bottom line
of People, Planet and Profits to enhance overall performance.

This half-day, interactive workshop cuts through all the rhetoric and clears the air around
Sustainability. It […]

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Embedding Sustainability into Strategy (Webinar) Feb 20th 2014


Embedding Sustainability into Strategy (Webinar)

Feb 20, 2014
12:00 – 13:00
35.00 CAD
Earlybird discount expires 2014-02-17

Course Code
SC 107

1 hour Webinar, 12 noon – 1 pm EST

Lunch & Learn Webinar

ON-Line Webinar

Webinar Description
Practically, embedding sustainability in large, medium and small companies isn’t easy.  In this webinar, Brett Wills shares his experience working with companies in numerous Sustainability Consortia across Canada.

This webinar provides participants with a proven model for developing a strategy that embeds sustainability in your operations.

Regardless of your organization’s experience in sustainability or strategic planning, Brett’s simple, powerful approach will enhance your ability to compete, manage risk and increase profitability by improving social, environmental and economic performance across the entire value chain.

Starting with a purpose, developing the vision of a future desired state, and all the way through to tactical execution; this process provides organizations with a roadmap for finding a better way to make a bigger profit.

This session is packed with real life examples and supported by practical tools and resources.

Learning Objectives
In this webinar attendees will:

Examine a proven and dynamic approach to embedding sustainability into organizational strategies.
Understand the steps involved.
Appreciate the importance of an “organizational purpose” to rally around.
Learn why and how to align sustainability (and other initiatives) to drive the business.
Examine how organizations are leveraging this approach to drive performance.
Gain access to practical tools that support the process.

Trainer and Subject Matter Exper

Workshop Leader

Brett Wills
Director, Sustainability
Brett has over 13 years of experience in the Sustainability Arena and first-hand experience leading teams in the implementation of Sustainability and Continuous Improvement initiatives.

Brett is the author of “Green Intentions: Creating a Green Value Stream to Compete and Win” (Productivity Press July 2009).

Brett helps organizations across North America profitably accelerate their journey towards Sustainability. As facilitator of 4 Partners in Project […]

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Sustainability Training : SC 170 Sustainable Procurement I

Sustainability Training
Sustainable Procurement I

Below is a list of all courses that are currently open for registration. Click on the course name to proceed.

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Workshop Leader of Sustainable Procurement 101

Brett Wills will be leading the workshop “sustainable Procurement 101” – on April 17th 2013


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