Sustainability 101

A Better Way to Make a Bigger Profit
Increase Revenue ● Cut Costs ● Gain Global Competitiveness




Workshop Objectives

Understand the end game of Sustainability – meeting the needs of today’s generation without
compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
Become familiar with the common terms, lingo and language of Sustainability
Understand the business case for sustainability and how organizations are strengthening their
long term viability by doing the right thing.
Discuss their ability to participate in driving sustainable change both at home and in the
Become familiar with the history of the modern day sustainability movement.
Be able to discuss the leading thinkers and influencers driving this revolution.
Be introduced to the core concepts, tools and techniques being utilized to drive sustainable
Become familiar with various resources available to help guide the journey towards
This Workshop provides you with some great tools to help gain a better understanding of Sustainability
which can help in getting your organization moving forward to the next step. We welcome your inquiries.
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touch with the facilitators directly.


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While organizations have attended to Social, Environmental and Economic performance for
decades, it is traditionally economic performance that receives attention. Sustainability is a
revolutionary business model in that it elevates social and environmental performance to the
same level of economic performance, unlocking a vault of hidden opportunities. In other words,
instead of simply focusing on a single bottom line of economic performance, with token social
and environmental initiatives, the sustainable business model focuses on the triple bottom line
of People, Planet and Profits to enhance overall performance.

This half-day, interactive workshop cuts through all the rhetoric and clears the air around
Sustainability. It provides attendees with a clear understanding of Sustainability while introducing
the leading thinkers, tools and core concepts driving a grass roots revolution that is changing the
landscape of global commerce. Focusing on real world examples illustrates the strong business
case for Sustainability and why organizations across the globe racing to become the next
Sustainable Organization.

The message is simple, Sustainability is a better way to make a bigger profit and this workshop
is designed to inspire people to think about the world, their relationship to it and their ability to
influence it in an entirely new way.

Attitudes of customers, employees, and shareholders are changing as they become more aware
of the importance of Sustainability. Clear indicators show they are increasingly attracted to firms
who respect people, the environment, and are committed to the improvement of sustainable
processes. This workshop makes clear how moving toward Sustainability will meet these
demands while at the same time realizing cost savings and driving revenue growth.

Brett Wills

Workshop Facilitator – Brett Wills
President of Green Enterprise Movement
Director of Sustainability for High Performance Solutions Inc
Brett brings over 14 years of experience in the Sustainability arena. As a former Plant Manager,
Brett has first-hand experience leading teams in the implementation of both Continuous
Improvement and Sustainability initiatives.
Brett is a facilitator of 4 Sustainability Consortiums and works with leading, sustainability minded
organizations keeping him in touch with the latest innovations in Sustainability.
Brett also has extensive experience in the development of quality and environmental management systems such
as ISO 9001, 14001 and 14064.
As Professor of Green Business Management at Seneca College in Toronto, ON., Brett is helping to prepare the
next wave of Sustainability Change Agents to enter the workforce.
Brett is the author of “Green Intentions: Creating a Green Value Stream to Compete and Win” a book that
presents a systematic process for organizations to go green profitably, a process that is based on lean thinking

The focus of Brett’s work is on driving tangible and quantifiable results in Sustainability initiatives throughout
an organization and includes: Strategy Development and Implementation, Application of Lean and Continuous
Improvement Tools to Drive Sustainable Performance, Energy & Water Conservation, Material Optimization,
Waste Diversion, Development of Greenhouse Gas and Water Inventories, Carbon Management and Reduction
Strategies, Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting, Sustainable Procurement and more.


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Workshop Date & Time:
April 8th 2014 ~ 8:30am–12:00pm
Registration Deadline: April 1st 2014

Teatro Conference Centre
121 Chisholm Drive
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Board Room


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Arguably the greatest movement in the history of human-kind, Sustainability incorporates traditional tools,
techniques, thinking and strategies with new and innovative ones such as biomimicry, cradle-to-cradle, value
based Philanthropy and more to develop innovative solutions for today’s business challenges. The result is
reduced costs, increased revenue, talent retention, increased shareholder value and enhanced risk mitigation.

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