VERGE City Summit 2014 convened a select group of city, corporate, and NGO partner leaders to discuss strategies that will most effectively drive cities to achieve deep carbon-reduction goals. 


Home to more than half of the world’s population, cities are top contributors to growing greenhouse emissions. On the bright side, this means that cities can (and will) play a key role in taking a stance against climate change.


In the following article, City Summit participant Greg Kats points out 7 actionable ways for cites to make scalable impacts. You can check out his ideas here: 


1. Adopt cool roof, green roof and solar harvesting strategies

2. Integrate smart-building platforms with existing systems

3. Enter into long-term agreements to buy new renewable energy

4. Insist that cities’ energy efficiency investments be counted in cap-and-trade programs

5. Measure, count and reduce the CO2 embedded in cities’ buildings and roads

6. Invest in new versions of ancient building products that can reduce or sequester CO2 in buildings

7. Incorporate best-estimate CO2 costs into design and investment decisions


Are you working on or have you heard about any impactful city initiatives to reduce carbon emissions?


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