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Sustainable Procurement I

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Courses >> SC 170 Sustainable Procurement I
Sustainable Procurement I
Location: Evergreen Brick Works
Nov 26, 2013
08:30 AM – 04:30 PM
375.00 CAD Early registration discount ends on 2013-10-29
Course Code SC 167
Duration 1 day (7 contact hours)
When Nov. 26, 2013
Location Evergreen Brickworks, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Course Description

Sustainable Procurement I

A Procurement Approach to Building a Sustainable Supply Chain

This face to face workshop series provides participants with the know-how for building a Sustainable Procurement Program.

The development and implementation of a Sustainable Procurement Program will better enable organizations to drive sustainability deeper and more effectively into their supply chain. Increasing sustainability in the chain will help organizations meet the rising demands of customers and shareholders, reduce exposure to regulatory risks, strengthen supplier partnerships, drive market share and realize substantial cost savings.

The practical and hands on design of this program provides attendees with the knowledge and experience needed to lead or support a sustainable procurement initiative as they work through the steps in developing a Sustainable Procurement Program.

The step by step process used turns what can seem like a daunting task into bite size, manageable chunks. Supporting tools and resources that aid in the development of such a program are provided as part of the course material.

Driving sustainability beyond the four walls and into the supply chain is critical to competing and winning in 2013 and beyond.

Learning Objective

What You will Learn

Learn by doing in this hands-on workshop. Learn from Green Purchasing experts through facilitated discussions, case stories, peer dialogues, and planning reflections about how to apply best practices to your organization.

Program Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will:

  • Be able to define Sustainable Procurement and differentiate this from green procurement and a traditional procurement approach.
  • Understand the business case for developing a Sustainable Procurement Program.
  • Be able to diagram a proven process for the development of a Sustainable Procurement Program.
  • Have worked through the steps in developing a sustainable procurement program to gain first-hand experience in the process. (Resource to be developed that will be a “reference guide” for each of the steps in the process)
  • Have worked through the steps in documenting the details of a Sustainable Procurement Program to develop a Sustainable Procurement Policy that will help embed and sustain efforts in this area.(Participants provide with a sustainable procurement policy “template”)
  • Be provided with supporting tools and resources needed to develop,implement and manage a Sustainable Procurement Program.
  • Become familiar with best practices around Sustainable Procurement.
  • Understand the different metrics used to help manage and drive performance of sustainable procurement programs.
  • Have collaborated with like-minded professionals around best practices, challenges and opportunities regarding sustainable procurement.
  • Have access to ongoing tools and resources related to sustainable procurement.
  • Learn about the new Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council and how it can help you with sustainable procurement.

Trainer and Subject Matter Expert

Workshop Leader

Brett Wills
Director, Sustainability

Brett has over 13 years of experience in the Sustainability Arena and first-hand experience leading teams in the implementation of Sustainability and Continuous Improvement initiatives.

Brett is the author of “Green Intentions: Creating a Green Value Stream to Compete and Win” (Productivity Press July 2009).

Brett helps organizations across NorthAmerica profitably accelerate their journey towards Sustainability. As facilitator of 4 Partners in Project Green Sustainability Consortiums, Brett has the opportunity to regularly work with leading, sustainability minded organizations keeping him in touch with the latest innovations in Sustainability.

Expertise: Green & Sustainable Purchasing, “Lean & Green”, GHG Inventories, CSR Reporting, Zero Waste


Who Should Attend
  • Procurement Professionals
  • Operations Leaders
  • Plant Managers
  • Sustainability Professionals
  • Supply Chain Professionals
  • Senior Leaders
  • Academics
Course Price: Early Registration Date $375  Early Registration Deadline Oct. 29, 2013
Course Price: Regular $475
Sustainability Learning Centre – Continuing Education Units (contact hours) Certificates of Participation in “Sustainable Procurement 1” will be awarded with 7 contact hours for this course. GreenTeamUniversity